It’s pretty rare a Nollywood film successfully enters the international arena.

With the Nigerian film industry’s penchant for shapeshifting, terrible dialogue, infeasible plots and backing music louder than the actual speech, its not really hard to see why.

So I think it’s fair to assume that romantic comedy Flower Girl must be the best thing since Osuofia in London, as it has managed to secure nationwide distribution in The Odeon, Vue, Cineworld and independent cinemas when released in coming months.

Flower Girl is the second feature from director Michelle Bello and hopes to have the same success in the UK as it has in Nigeria, Ghana and other major Nollywood markets.

In typical Nollywood fashion, the film follows the romantic mishaps of our impressionable protagonist Kemi. Played by Damilola Adegbite (pictured throughout), Kemi has her sights set on marrying Umar (Chris Attoh) a business big shot focusing more on developing his company than their relationship


So when their relationship hits rocky roads, she does what any mentally stable, reasonable girlfriend would do; she enlists the help of  movie star, Tunde (Chuks Chukwujeku) to aid her in a plot to get her man. Of course this plot goes awry and hilarity most likely ensues.

Despite the film lacking staple Nollywood names, it attracted rave reviews and was quick to top the Nigeria box office charts, as well as being a huge success in Ghana.