notting-hill-carnival-2013 devil woman

You know when you see pictures of stuff that happened at Carnival and think: “Where Was I?” Well here are some more images that will leave you with your mouth open.

Welcome to Pappzd’s Notting Hill Carnival gallery of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.


notting-hill-carnival-2013 hot girl

It’s harder than you think to find a girl at Notting Hill Carnival with a really great figure. I mean one who’s toned, looks healthy, and has curves all over the place. But I was persistent and I found one.

notting-hill-carnival-2013 hot guys

Is this an Abercrombie and Fitch advert? Do guys like this go into hiding during the days of the year when Carnival isn’t on?

notting-hill-carnival-2013 man with pony

We don’t know who came up with this carnival costume, but it is epic! I mean how often do you see a man with ponies coming out of his body. I’m guessing it’s based on a centaur?

notting-hill-carnival-2013 teenagers

You’re only 12 once, and your parents can’t see what you’re doing. So take advantage of the situation, find the nearest guy and do that dance you saw Nicki Minaj doing in her video.

notting-hill-carnival-2013 shakka and akala

No-one likes a show off, except at Notting Hill Carnival. Show off all you like! Especially if you’re going to do it topless. And yes that’s Akala in the back.

notting-hill-carnival-2013 ballons

Someone told me that inhaling laughing gas out of balloons was illegal. That same person told me that Rita Ora was one of the best singers in the world, so I don’t listen to them anymore.

Drug experts warn it can cause death by suffocation, but that didn’t stop hundreds of thousands of people sucking on balloons at Notting Hill Carnival.

notting-hill-carnival-2013 kissing

Aww how cute, a lil’ bit of Carnival love.


notting-hill-carnival-2013 people on drugs

You know when you’re so high you start rolling around on the floor, trying really hard not to wet yourself? No? Well then you clearly haven’t ever taken what these girls took during the carnival. Turn down for what…

notting-hill-carnival-2013 people dancing

Yep that’s the girl from the picture above, after getting comfortable with some gravel she jumped on this lucky guy and showed him a good time.

notting-hill-carnival-2013 peeing in the streetjpg

I’m a girl, so I can’t relate with this picture. Is this acceptable? Do they not care that their shoes are soaked in urine? Men.

notting-hill-carnival-2013 masterstepz

Technical difficulties during your set is not a good look. I love you Masterstepz, but I can’t dance to silence.

notting-hill-carnival-2013 friendsjpg

“Shakira’s passed out let’s take a pic”. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

notting-hill-carnival-2013 lace fronts

Ummm lace wigs are not for everyone.

notting-hill-carnival-2013 barefoot

Athlete’s foot, warts, syphilis? Do these diseases mean nothing to this young man. I can only imagine that the shoes he was wearing broke, because why else would you turn up to Notting Hill Carnival barefoot?

notting-hill-carnival-2013 group of guys

If this girl didn’t end up on her knees down an alleyway, these guys weren’t trying hard enough.


notting-hill-carnival-2013 wasted woman

Yup she’s well and truly fooked.


No means no. Well actually at Notting Hill Carnival it means I don’t really have a choice but I’m gonna say no anyway.

notting-hill-carnival-2013 sex

Are people allowed to have sex in public nowadays? I hope their kids don’t see this.

notting-hill-carnival-2013 people having sex

Oh dear…

notting-hill-carnival-2013 people falling down

This started off as a simple dance. After a few seconds it turned into the type of thing you would find on Spiff TV.

notting-hill-carnival-2013 guy ambulance

It wasn’t even lunchtime but this guy looked like he needed to go home.

notting-hill-carnival-2013 guy passed out

While this one thought he was already at home…

notting-hill-carnival-2013 damaged car

I wouldn’t want to wake up to this in the morning.

notting-hill-carnival-2013 fight

What do you mean you wont dance with me!

notting-hill-carnival-2013 guy getting arrested

They actually just wanted to check the brand of his boxers

notting hill carnival the good the bad the ugly2 This is just the type of picture a mother gets copies of to send to all the relatives in Jamaica.

And last but not least, did anyone else see the flying weave?

Our thoughts and prayers are with the former owner of that hair.

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