Having released her second single It’s My Party this week which she described as being inspired by haters, Jessie J has stepped back from the keyboard and decreased her time on Twitter due to those same haters.

Speaking of the new track, which sees Jessie take a more pop musical sound, she commented:

I think life is about choices… I think negativity is a choice. I’m just trying to make people see that being miserable is not the way forward in life. Everyone should just get on and have a party!

A lot of the time the haters – I hate calling them haters but that’s the easiest way to sum it up – they need love more so than anyone else.

There’s a reason they have that. I don’t think hate does anything for the world. It doesn’t do any good. I wanted to make sure I had a song that represented what I’m about.

She then revealed that she’d be spending less time on social media, stating:

It’s a lot to stomach. I’m taking a break from Twitter at the moment.

Being usually very open on her Twitter and sharing most aspects of her life on the social platform, this is a big move for the 25-year-old.

However, she doesn’t seem to be doing too good as the evident social media addict is still tweeting and Instagramming more than the average celeb. So… that’s not much of a break then.