Idris Elba and his bobble hat

Anthony Stewart Head, the actor who plays Will’s father in The Inbetweeners, has said that Idris Elba is desperate for a role in the second movie.

Anthony said that Idris – whose roles range  from Nelson Mandela in Long Walk To Freedom and Stringer in The Wire – wants to be on the movie version of the Channel 4 series so badly that he’d even accept a walk on role:

I was at a gig with Idris Elba recently and he says he’ll do anything in it. He said he’d do a walk-on, so I’ve got to email them and say: ‘Idris Elba wants to be in it.’

A walk-on role? For the man who was rumoured to be the next James Bond?! I don’t think he’ll have any trouble being cast.

The second Inbetweeners film is set to hit the cinemas in 2014 and who knows, we may be seeing  Idris in it too…