Last night, Ghetts released a cypher as part of his long-awaited comeback to the music scene and whilst everyone was full of praises for the east Londoner’s effort, outspoken Jammer was not having it:

How can you tell someone they’re not back? He’s there, he’s back, he’s present.

Jammer was not impressed by Ghetts’ cypher in which he explores his different personas, Ghetts, Ghetto and J. Clarke:

He then went on to express his confusion at the MC’s choice of lyrics:

We don’t know, seriously, we don’t.

Still pondering over what a “mana maid” was, Jammer asked again hours later:

Luckily Ghetts was on hand to clear up the confusion he caused with the tweet:

A Minute Maid! Okay… that makes a little more sense.

As the rest of us can watch the video and decide if we’re happy with Ghetts’ cypher, seeing as the two have been less than friendly in the past, it might take another go on the mic for Jammer to be even slightly impressed.