Jet British Black Barbie, a glamour model and escort formerly known as Natalie Springer, has been spared jail for a racially aggravated attack against an Asian taxi driver.


The 32-year-old model went into a racial tirade, abusing the 25-year-old driver, Ramin Sasani, after he failed to say thank you when she paid him her £4 taxi fare. She blamed her behaviour on being “pre-menstrual”.

Black Barbie then proceeded to shout at Ramin, saying:

You are a fucking immigrant, go back to your own country you fucking Paki.

If you call the police I’m going to tell them you tried to rape me.

She then spat at his face.

Describing herself as a regular church goer who leads a quiet life, Black Barbie told Chelmsford Magistrate’s Court that she had had a bad and tiring day and was the victim of racial abuse earlier in the day. She also tried to claim that Ramin had called her a “nigger” – which he denied.

She was sentenced to a community order of one year in which she is required to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work. Black Barbie is also required to pay £250 in compensation, a £60 victim surcharge and £620 in legal costs.