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A Kent shop owner has been caught in the midst of a race row after his advertisement of “immigrant bags” depicted with a cartoon drawing of a black man caused offence.

The advert, which is displayed in Benefactors Hardware shop in Crowborough, is for a selection of checked laundry bags (known to some as Ghana Must Go bags), shows a sweaty black man carrying the bags singing “Zippadydoodah, zip up immigrant bags”.

Despite the local MP Charles Hendry saying that the advert should be taken down, the shop owner has since responded to the criticism saying he doesn’t understand what all the fuss about and claiming that people are being “touchy”.

Ah, that classic defence of blaming others for being sensitive.

The owner spoke to local paper The Kent and Sussex Courier and said:

They are called immigrant bags, so I drew a picture of an immigrant to go with them.

I’ve never heard them been called that. And obviously all immigrants are black.

I don’t really see the problem, people get so touchy about things these days.

Well, Mr Shopkeeper, the phrase might have been okay in the 50s but sometimes certain phrases go out of fashion because they’re just not okay any more.

Sussex Police are currently looking into the situation to see if any offences have been committed.