Kevin Hart has brought his documentary/comedy concert film Let Me Explain to the UK, and he premiered it at the O2’s Cineworld along with a q&a session which was streamed all across the UK and hosted by Alex Zane.


Arriving with his entourage and girlfriend, Kevin returned to the O2 – the same venue at which he sold out an arena show. Explaining why he decided to take his comedy show to cinemas rather than releasing it on DVD, Kevin said:

We’re in a day and age where people have forgotten that a concert film can actually go theatrical. When you think about who’s done it – Eddie Murphy, Pryor and Martin Lawrence but for our generation no one’s doing it, and it felt like I had a fanbase that was loyal enough that would come support me if I did it.

With some American cinema releases never making it over here, Kevin noted that he felt to bring his film to his British audience as his number of fans had quickly grown in recent times.


With the Let Me Explain stand up being the same routine that many of the comedian’s fans may have already seen, Kevin insisted that the documentary film allowed viewers to see a new side to him which shows his growth.

I change I grow up, from Grown Little Man to Seriously Funny to Let Me Explain. I talk about my problems… put my life out there.

The Let Me Explain film shows Kevin taking his stand up routine to destinations all over the world; from Norway to Amsterdam to England, documenting his travels on the tour bus and him joking around with his team who have been with his since the beginning of his career. Here we are given some insight into the comedian and the not-so-glamorous life behind his celebrity.


Kevin is then shown arriving at Madison Square Garden, the venue where he sold out two shows to 30,000 people, and we are then treated to his funny routine delivered to the New York audience.

For anyone who has seen his Let Me Explain routine and is a fan of Kevin’s, it won’t hurt to give it another watch as you’ll be sure to be belly laughing all night as well as witness some exclusive clips from his fans and his trips abroad. However, if you’re the kind of person who can’t bear to hear the same joke twice then… you might want to give it a miss.