After I saw Kevin do his unique version of the Azonto at the Choice FM studios, I couldn’t help but ask where he’d learnt to do it like that.

I didn’t learn; I just knew you had to point your fingers. I asked somebody what it was, and they said it’s a dance where you point your fingers, I was like “that’s cool I know how to do that”.

Okay, so he’s never seen it done before. I’ll forgive him a little then.

Asked whether or not he was a fan of the music which the dance arose from, Afrobeats, Kevin honestly answered:

The one time I listened to it was at the station.

I have to [like Afrobeats] cos I did the dance! I did the dance which means I embraced it. You can’t do a dance to a song and say you don’t like the song, that would make you a hypocrite for doing the dance. Then I’d be a jackass.


With his newly learnt dance move under his belt, did Kevin have any plans on being the Azonto ambassador for America and teaching his friends?

No! But what I am gonna do, is do it a couple times when I’m in a bad situation, use it as a distraction. “Hey Kevin, you got my money?” “Azonto!”

My friend will be like, “What are you doing?” and then run.

Erm… At least you’ve found a use for it.