Being the decision making yo-yo that he is, Wiley has once again decided to cancel his forthcoming joint tour with Dappy and Angel.

Despite claiming to be friends with the N-Dubz frontman, when asked by So Solid’s Megaman, the Heatwave artist seemed to put his decision down to the fact that Dappy would not have brought him in on his own success:

His announcement then got some expected backlash from hardcore N-Dubz/Dappy fans, only causing Wiley to stay stronger in his choice:

With Dappy having a larger fanbase, maybe Wiley finally realised that he doesn’t want to share the limelight with someone who’s more famous. It was meant to originally his own tour in the first place and there’s nothing more embarrassing than having less fans than your support act.

This man is so indecisive though, the tour will probably be on again by next week. Then off again. Then back on. It might just be a guessing game right up until the first show.