louis smith fat

Talk about letting yourself go! If you ever thought that Louis Smith would remain a modern day Adonis forever, you were wrong. It seems the Olympic gymnast has had a break (and a couple of Kit Kats) after paparazzi snapped him with a little belly in Marbella.

The 24-year-old was holidaying in the Spanish city with friends, and surprised us all by showing off a less than perfect physique.

Ok, so the 2012 Olympics are over and he has a while before the next one, but surely he should still be working out? I mean do these Olympic athletes just go back to working in call centers when the games are over?

And if you think I’m over-reacting, just remember the feeling you got when you saw this picture…

louis smith fat naked

Or this one…

louis smith  naked

Well I guess he couldn’t be perfect forever.