Clearly having had a cup of bitterness this morning, Mike GLC had a little rant on Twitter about Top Boy and castmember Kano:


… Slightly uncalled for.

The 35-year-old rapper then went to say that while he had no time for Kano, he does in fact respect Ashley Walters but didn’t like the ‘little boys club’ – whoever they are.


Then, probably feeling misunderstood, Mike continued explaining why he disliked Top Boy with the reasons that it did nothing for black people:

mike-glc-top-boy-tweet3Okay, okay. I’m starting to see his point a little bit.

The black boys in gangs, living in estates and wearing hoodies is something that is overplayed on our TV and movie screens, but with a two year delay, Top Boy mainly came back due to the response from the fans.

Channel 4 is just giving the audience what they want. No?

He followed those tweets by stating that he has tried to break the stereotype and think outside of the box himself, with unsuccessful results:


Nice promo there too.

Not to leave us confused about his thoughts though, Mike ended his rant with one final statement: