misha b mum forgiven drugs

When Misha B appeared on the X Factor in 2011, her estranged mother Florence Bryan reportedly tried to get in contact with the daughter whose life she hadn’t been a part of for 19 years.

In an interview with the Sunday Mirror, during her X Factor stint, the talented singer told the publication that she didn’t need Florence, as her auntie had been playing the mother role for her whole life and explained how her mum hadn’t been in touch with her during the show:

The way I look at it, a person might be able to give birth but that doesn’t make them a mother. The only person I ever needed was my auntie.

I’ve not seen her [Florence Bryan] this year and and I don’t have any plans to invite her down to the show. We don’t have that kind of relationship. She hasn’t tried to contact me since I’ve been on.

Maybe I will get in touch one day, but only when I’m ready.

And it seems Misha may just be ready as she posted a picture on her Instagram page of her ‘birth mum’ cradling a young Misha with the caption “I Love you Mummy”.


Fans of the Here’s To Everything star speculated whether she had forgiven her former drug addict mother, who ran out on her daughter when she was just three months old, leaving her sister to raise her. But Misha didn’t give us any other clues.

Well if they have made amends we reckon their story would make a good documentary. Are you listening Channel 4?