MKS feature in this week’s ES magazine talking about their beginnings as Sugababes, their spilt, constant line-up changes and eventual reformation.

Trying to reclaim their place as Britain’s biggest girl group, Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan pose in retro 60s glamour styling for the magazine shoot.


Discussing how young they were when they first came out and their struggle to cope with their growing success, Mutya summed up the general attitude of the three girls at the time:

We were just too young to appreciate it. We didn’t realise our music was credible. “You’re number one!” OK, can I go home now?

Moving on to the million dollar question of whether they’d fight for their original band name (especially since it’s not being put to good use at the moment), Keisha noted:

I wanted to stay positive and show we’ve got a new team. It’s our decision and we don’t need the name.

Even though the Sugababes name and history keeps following them wherever they go, their current success is proving that they are definitely doing well without it.


Now reunited as an older threesome with a clearer sense of direction, the question of if the Sugababes name was what brought them their success will be determined by how well they do this time.

The full interview can be seen in this week’s ES magazine.