what-to-wear-to-notting-hill-carnivalI’m sure everyone will attest to the fact that Notting Hill Carnival was filled with loads of attractive people who dressed really well. So we begged a few of them to pose for some pictures so that those of you who got dressed in the dark this year, will have some ideas for the next carnival. Thank me later!

what to wear to notting hill carnival2

You can’t go wrong with a black skater dress and a teeny weeny bag you can’t fit anything into.

what to wear to notting hill carnival6

Is it just me or do all the girls that pose together at Notting Hill Carnival look like girl bands?

what to wear to notting hill carnival7

Don’t you just want to be friends with them and steal their clothes?

what to wear to notting hill carnival4

 Simple, but it works.

what to wear to notting hill carnival8

Oh look, he has his hands in his pockets, just like Kanye West on the T-shirt he’s wearing. Coincidence? I think not.

what to wear to notting hill carnival9

Someone raided the accessories department at American Apparel…

Here’s where it gets a little more serious. I’ll just let you look at these pictures and decide whether or not you would wear them in public. I apologise in advance if this is your sister, mother or that girl you were planning to wifey. Some advice: don’t.

crazy outfits at-notting-hill-carnival 2013

This looks like some left over fabric from a Lady Gaga costume. I mean what is it?!

notting-hill-carnival-2013-pictures (477)

All levels of wrong.