Despite facing pressure to close following the fatal stabbing of 20-year-old Jamie Sanderson last year, the Oceana nightclub in Kingston has decided to stay open and rebrand itself instead.

Jamie Sanderson, who died at Oceana Nightclub

Victim Jamie Sanderson

Kingston on Thames had the licence of the nightclub revoked, but that decision was later overturned when it was appealed against.

All of the Oceana nightclubs in Britain will now be renamed and relaunched as Pryzm this October. In their effort to cut crime, the owners have vowed to cut the capacity of the venue, limit alcohol sales and introduce electronic ID scanners.

However, many people in the Kingston area do not believe that the rebranding of the club is enough to decrease crime in the area. Police statistics showed that activity in Oceana was responsible for a quarter of all crimes in the Kingston area from 2011 to 2012.

To me, it seems like a ‘let’s change our name and forget it ever happened’ kind of move. It’s the same type of venue, in the same area, attracting the same crowd, no doubt. How much change can it really bring?