Pop rap duo Rizzle Kicks made an enemy today when they Instagrammed a dig at Wiley’s 2012 hit Heatwave tagging the artist to make sure it caught his attention:


Erm, slightly uncalled for boys.

However, the two did recently say they were unhappy with the UK Hip-Hop scene, so maybe they’re just venting.

Then, as expected, Wiley responded to them by comparing them to random musical duos, with Rizzle Kicks insulting his musical direction over the years:

They’re up to date with their Wiley history.

Wiley then questioned the boys’ urban credibility by telling the Brighton artists that they weren’t really from the hood like he was. Which made them hit back at him questioning his behaviour at his ripe age of 34:

The three then started battling about who was the most ‘real’ when it came to their music:

Possibly shouldn’t speak to soon there. We’ve seen the best of them take a mighty fall from the top.

… Well… that was a little… tiring.

On the other hand, Wiley has promised to go back to making grime music for a while so maybe the Rizzle Kicks will be more impressed by his forthcoming releases?