Even though many probably wouldn’t think of Rizzle Kicks when the discussion of Hip-Hop arose, the musical duo gave their views on the current state of the genre in the UK and in America.

Talking to the Daily Star, Jordan said:

My personal taste on Hip-Hop isn’t really being satisfied currently.

He then commented that the UK Hip-Hop scene wasn’t as “prevalent” as it once was then continued to note that the American version of the genre was too egotistical:

The big thing in America with the Hip-Hop, the big Hip-Hop vibe at the moment I think, I’m finding it hard to get down with because I think it’s quite misogynistic… kind of ego-orientated, which I kind of, don’t find that inspiring.

With the Kanyes and the Jay Zs of the moment constantly reminding us how great they are and telling us that they’re what’s hot right now, it’s hard to disagree that Jordan has made a valid point.

Do you agree with him? Is modern Hip-Hop uninspiring and too ego-focused?