Sabrina Moss, 24, who was killed last Saturday as she celebrated her birthday in Kilburn, is suspected to be a victim of a gang shooting gone wrong as it is reported the gunmen set out to kill “as many people as possible”.

Detectives believe that Sabrina and her accomplice, another 24-year-old woman who has not been named, were not the intended targets of the shooting.

Sabrina, who was a nursery school teacher, was shot outside the Woody Grill restaurant in the early hours of Saturday morning when two men, one of them armed, stood across the street from the takeaway and shots were fired.

Two other men who were at the scene and also injured were arrested but have since been released without charge. They are suspected to be the intended targets of the shooting. Police are also looking into the theory that the shooting was a random attack.

DCI Andy Partridge said:

We are investigating if someone in the crowd was the intended target or whether this was an indiscriminate, wanton discharge of fire where you could expect to injure or kill a number of people.

When you look at what happened, it is possible this was more a case of shoot as many people as possible rather than a targeted attack.

Police are still appealing for witnesses to come forward with more information.