Last night saw the return of Channel 4 drama series Top Boy, after a two year break.

With big changes in the Summerhouse estate and the murder of Kamale unravelling for the gang, the story picked up from where it left off leaving viewers wondering what else could be in store for Dushane and Sully.

As always, Twitter was buzzing at the time it was on, and here are just a few tweets to the reaction of the first episode:

So typically, we have those who love the show for what it is – a gritty, British drama – and others who weren’t so impressed and wish there was something more positive to watch about the community.

But with Twitter being one of the main reasons for its success the first time around and with ‘Top Boy’ trending on the social media platform until today, whether people enjoyed it or not we can’t argue that it had everyone glued to the TV and interacting as it was on.

What are your thoughts on the show? Good TV viewing or are you already switched off?