Seeing as she wasn’t one of the performers at this year’s music event, Tulisa attended the V Festival over the weekend in two casual outfits and showed off her new extension-free hairstyle.


In a possible move to shed her chav image, the 25-year-old wore all black on both days, switching between a hipster inspired bowler hat and baseball tee with boots to a zip-up hoody and a Female Boss top (stop trying to make The Female Boss happen Tulisa).


Her choice of style and shorter hairdo aren’t the only new things changing in Tulisa’s life though. According to The Sun, she broke up a fight between two men at the event by pulling them apart as they got into it following Beyonce’s set.

Who knew Beyonce’s music could get men get so angry?

An onlooker said:

There were plenty of people around but nobody was doing anything to stop the fight. Bold as anything, Tulisa marched up and pulled the men apart.

Didn’t know she was that brave!