Showbiz blogger Vas J Morgan has claimed that he was attacked by Tulisa at this weekend’s V Festival, following a two year dispute between the two.

In the blog post named Tulisa Attacks: My Story, Vas describes how he and the N-Dubz lady have had several violent altercations in the past two years due to his stories on the star.

It all came to a head at V Festival though, when he and Tulisa were headed for the same exit and she accused Vas of “stalking” her saying to him, “Stop following me bruv, this is the end of your journey step back”.

She then began allegedly pushing Vas with the help of her bumchum PA Gareth Varey, before proceeding to punch Vas in the eye.

Vas has now pressed charges against Tulisa and Essex police say they are looking into the incident, which will just add to her pending drug legalities.


However, a spokesperson for the 25-year-old singer has said:

Tulisa strongly denies assaulting Mr Morgan – she specifically denies punching Mr Morgan.

Whether this is true or not, it’s just one thing after another with this girl. Maybe she should go back into hiding.