Wiley is said to be taking a rest from his record label Warner to focus on making grime music.

A representative from Warner commented:

He’s having a pop sabbatical, but will be back soon.

In the past, Wiley has complained about the direction that his music was going in, threatening to leave his record label and nearly refusing to take part in the video for Lights On featuring Angel.

Obviously, this “break from pop” that Warner are allowing him to have means they don’t want to lose Wiley as an artist – and he’s evidently so determined to return to his grime origins that he risked possibly being dropped.

He’s already stepping away from the mainstream as he recently released seven new songs on his SoundCloud.

It raises the question, why can’t he release the music he wants to under Warner? And how many other grime-turned-pop artists (*cough* Dizzee Rascal) should take a leaf out of Wiley’s book and go back to how they started?