wretch 32 stripper rock bottom

We all like to spend some down time at our local strip club.  It’s relaxing, entertaining and apparently inspiring.

In an interview with The Metro, Wretch 32 revealed how a stripper inspired a track on his upcoming album called Rock Bottom. When asked what the song was about he said:

It’s about a time I went to a strip club. I met a lady in there and got talking. It felt like I’d met a troubled soul and I was meant to meet her. She said she was a fan and recited a poem she’d written.

I’m not sure what strip club Wretch was at, but the ones I’ve attended (for business purposes) never turn into an open mic night. Reciting poetry?! Wretch went on to say how the stripper explained her current situation to him:

She said she felt at rock bottom in that place but it was something she needed to do to get above ground. It made me imagine how the rest of her life must have been to make her end up there.

I often imagine such things too and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing a video for what promises to be an emotional track. We wonder which talented actress will play the stripper?