Alexandra concluded her week long 25th birthday extravaganza this Saturday with a performance at G-A-Y where she performed her newest songs from her #NewRules EP.

And as any other lady would, Alexandra wanted to be the centre of attention with a risqué outfit which made her the centre of everyone’s attention.

Dressed in a black skintight leather leotard, Alexandra donned some lace-up leather boots and flesh coloured tights which weren’t actually the same colour as her legs.

To add some class to her outfit, she wore a blue silk kimono as a cover up for some parts of her performance.


It’s not really Alex’s fault, this leotard wouldn’t look good on most – unless you’re Beyonce.

That being said somebody should have told Alexandra “no” when she asked if she looked okay. Because she doesn’t. Also, it’s probably been about a year since she’s had the blonde weave and erm… I’m still not accepting it.


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