chelsee healey MEN party red dress

Chelsee Healey was snapped entering Manchester Evening News’ annual Diary Party in Manchester yesterday. And once again her look was the talk of the night.

Chelsee wore a red mini dress and gladiator heels, but it was the make-up of the former Waterloo Road star that had us doing a double take.

chelsee healey makeup wrong

Now I’m no make-up expert, but I’m pretty sure ones concealer and foundation is supposed to match the rest of your skin tone. I mean when you look in the mirror and notice that your chest is five shades darker than your face, you know you need to start over right?

The M.E.N.’s party had a Great Gatsby theme, which Chelsee also didn’t follow.

Everyone knows gladiator sandals were 1st century BC not 1920 Jazz age!