chris brown calls grmdaily wshh twitter Chris Brown says a lot of interesting things on Twitter. Most of them we can ignore, but when it’s controversial we start to pay attention. And even though he’s stopped calling comedians “hos” and ranting about Walmart not carrying his album, the American singer still managed to grab our attention when he called British music site GRMDaily, Europe’s answer to WorldStarHipHop (WSHH).

chris brown

wshh grmdaily

A typical video on WSHH

Now for those of you who are too classy to have ever typed WorldStarHipHop into your browsers, it’s basically an American website dedicated to promoting ratchetness. Even Wikipedia describes WSHH as a shock site.

And that’s exactly what it is.

With videos of teenagers fighting in public, young girls twerking in their bedrooms and a whole lot of porn, it’s easy to give the hundreds of music videos that they do have on their site a miss.

daily duppy chris brown

GRMDaily’s Daily Duppy show

On the other hand, GRMDaily is a music website. We go on there to watch music videos, to check out the latest Daily Duppys and to find out what trainers celebrities are wearing. So we’re not entirely sure where Brown’s comparison stems from.

Also, Europe is more than just the UK; we’re talking France, Spain, Albania, Estonia, Russia and plenty of other countries. That’s a lot of places. According to web traffic and ranking site Alexa, 92% of GRMDaily’s traffic comes from the UK. So we’re just going to assume Brown is one of those Americans that doesn’t know the difference between Europe and the United Kingdom.

kat stacks wshh grmdaily

Kat Stacks, a woman who became famous due to her videos on WSHH

Plus GRMDaily don’t have a Kat Stacks. And for their own sake, I hope they never will!

And what about Spiff TV? I’m sure I’m not the only one who would say the popular video website is WSHH’s slutty and very ghetto baby sister.

We’re glad to see Chris acknowledging GRMDaily’s effort though, but could there be an ulterior motive?

Last week Brown tweeted a link to Ghetts’ track Feel Inside, (which we love by the way) asking his followers for their opinion. He bizarrely deleted the tweet shortly after, but not before we all got a good look and decided that Ghetts would be our new best friend now an American superstar likes his music.

Yeah, I’ve been playing Ghetts’ tunes since I was like six!

Brown’s tweet about GRMDaily also stirred up some excitement, speculation and theories from the site’s fans:

And it got us wondering too. Is this Chris’ way of asking to do a Daily Duppy? Is the Look At Me Now star trying to drum up some support from one of the UK’s biggest urban sites?

Chris is currently banned from entering the UK due to his criminal record and has repeatedly been denied a work visa. Maybe his management think that if he befriends some of us Brits, the Home Office will let him in?

Who knows. But just a tip babes, GRMDaily can not and will not get you a visa.

Let us know what you think, Is GRMDaily really Europe’s answer to WSHH?