Mark Duggan

The jury at the Royal Courts of Justice are expected to hear evidence on the planting of the gun by police officers at the time of Mark Duggan’s shooting.

A witness, identified as Miss J, who lives near Ferry Lane where Mark was shot will give evidence and help investigators determine whether officers took a gun wrapped in cloth from the minicab that Mark was in and planted it at the scene.

Officers were following Mark to arrest him and were under the impression that he was in the possession of a gun wrapped in a black sock and was ready to fire it at the police. However, after Mark was shot, a gun wrapped in a black sock was found 10 to 20ft away from his body.

There is said to be no explanation as to how the gun came to be so far away from the scene.

Yesterday the jury visited the scene of the shooting to assess the area and get a sense of how events on the day took place; with them sitting in a people carrier to replicate the minicab Mark was in and searching the grassy area that the gun was found in.

The inquest continues.