etta bond mobo nominations 2013 hater

Etta Bond was one of the lucky musicians that was nominated for a MOBO Award last night and took to Instagram to share her delight with her fans.

The Boring Bitches star has been nominated for Best Newcomer. But instead of congratulating the singer, an Instagram troll decided to rain on her parade by telling Etta that a MOBO award was nothing to be excited about.

etta bond mobo nominations 2013 attack

You tell ’em Etta!

It may not seem like a big deal to this ajdawkins person, who obviously has eight Grammys in her house, but a MOBO Nomination is huge, in fact any nomination is huge. The only nomination I’ve ever got in my life was Flirt of the Year at university. And I didn’t even win that!

The Cambridge born singer is up against stars such as Daley, Fuse ODG, Jacob Banks, Jahmene Douglas and Krept and Konan.