Yesterday was the day we were all dreading, the season finale of Top Boy.

Tears were shed and mouths were left wide open as emotional and shocking scenes played out on our TV screens. But to cheer us up from the fact that we may never see a Top Boy series for another year, if ever, were some incredibly funny memes and tweets we thought we would share with you. top boy memes 2 top boy memes 1     Of course someone was going to bring Micheal Jackson into it. top boy meme 1     Poor Mr Chinaman. top boy meme 2 top boy memes 3   We definitely saw this coming. top boy memes

top boy meme dushane

As well as the memes, there were some funny tweets that made us chuckle.

Earlier today rapper No-Lay confirmed hinted that there would be a third series of Top Boy, so I guess we can look forward to more hilarious memes.