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This week I got to meet and have a chat with Davido, who is currently in the UK for his upcoming tour which kicks off in London. And the afrobeats star who is no stranger to the flashy lifestyle, proved he could be humble at times as we met up at the Daramin restaurant in Peckham.

Speaking of his arrival to London on Sunday, Davido told me of the reception he received when he landed:

It was crazy it was nice, a lot of people came out.

However, going back to the high life that we’re used to seeing the Gobe artist flaunting on his Instagram account, he let it be known that he did plan to take home some souvenirs once his visit was over:

Go Harrods, go Selfridges. I’m gonna buy shoes, clothes just nice nice stuff I can take back home with me. All the designers as well.

Wow. All of the designers? We see you!

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Davido, who performs in London this Sunday then moved on to speaking about his love life as he recently hinted at a break up on his Instagram.

Yeah. Nothing happened, just stuff, just normal life. You have to understand I’m a human being, it was just stuff.

Unfortunately for his admirers, he claimed that he was not on the market just yet as when asked if he was looking for someone new he bluntly replied:



Davido’s visits to the UK may become a little more frequent in the future though, as the artist also revealed that he may consider signing a management deal over here and he already had some offers.

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Davido’s friends at Daramin restaurant

Ending the interview on that note, I then left the hungry man as he ordered some fish, beans and plantain.

Davido’s new album is planned for a release next year and he’ll be performing in Manchester, Liverpool and Coventry as part of his current tour, which begins in London this Sunday at the Indigo2.