The trendy streets of Shoreditch brought us to Charterhouse Bar where we crept on Krept & Konan for a relaxed interview. The venue was dimmed and very open but the weather drew us outside for a summery atmosphere.

Their story is beginning to thrive with social media blazing over the two’s newest single My Story, as well as their latest mixtape Young Kingz and their recent MOBO nomination for Best Newcomer. Speaking of My Story and the instant reactions on social media it recieved once it was released, Krept & Konan talked about the experience:

It was a big build up as we had it for a long time and finally released it which was nerve racking. We shot the video and once it was out, it was a relief which seemed like therapy.

The deep heartfelt response made it clear that the production meant a lot to Krept & Konan and was a huge step to release. Artists ranging from Wretch 32, Professor Green and Skepta – who are quoted in the track – have showed the single a lot of support too.

Konan commented on the feedback:

People appreciated what we were doing, seeing so much love from people saying, “I don’t usually listen to UK Rap but I really liked that” shows we have a new following because of My Story.

The mixtape Young Kingz which is currently at number 19 in the UK national album charts boasts a strong list of features. Tinie Tempah, Chip, Youngen, Giggs, G FrSH and George the Poet all appear on the record.

The fellow Young Kingz appeared very laid back and driven whilst talking about their upcoming projects and accomplishments so far. The topic quickly got much lighter and when talks of Top Boy and acting started.

Keeping up with the current series of the TV programme, Krept and Konan expressed their excitement in the show’s drama and storylines so far. When asked if Hollywood was ever possibly be a direction either of them would go in themselves, Krept jokingly said:

We’re just waiting for someone to holla us, catch me on my Denzel.

It was clear Krept in particular was very open to acting, so who knows maybe we will be seeing at least one of them in action on our screens quite soon?

From Hollywood to celebrity crushes, the conversation got a little heated as talks of girls and romance arose with Konan saying:

I was watching the VMA’s recently and Katy Perry was looking very nice.

Oh, was she now?

Disagreeing, Krept admitted:

For me it has to be Rihanna and her bad gal attitude sitting back like she didn’t care, she’s just a diva.

Before cheekily adding:

I wanna be that guy that does care.

The guys surely had a thing for the VMA spices which lead me to ask the question that is probably on the lips of all of their female fans… Are they single?

Replying with knowing smiles, I think it’s safe to say that Krept and Konan are both single.

The triumphant duo are still causing a stir in the industry and are set to cause a bigger one at the MOBO awards coming up in October. When asked what they will be wearing for the event, in which they’re up for an award for Best Newcomer, they said:

We’ll be on our suit and tie.

Ooh, we do love men in suits.

Krept and Konan are moving in the right direction as they claim industry support, a growing fan base, a top 20 charting mixtape and well earned nominations.

Looks like the Young Kingz will continue to reign!