jamal edwards imposter fraud sbtv

A person claiming to be SB.TV founder Jamal Edwards has been caught scamming musicians out of their hard earned money.

jamal edwards imopster money fraud sbtvThe imposter set up a fake account on Facebook asking people if they wanted to do some filming, then requested money from the victims. Very naughty!

The scam was brought to Jamal’s attention by various Twitter users who asked if the person was ‘real’.

Jamal sent a message out on his Instagram page to warn his followers that they could be involved in a scam.

I mean this fraudster has to be the worst one ever. Firstly I’m not sure the 22-year-old entrepreneur would address people he didn’t know as ‘luv’. Secondly doesn’t Jamal have people to do that job for him?

And thirdly, if you’re going to pretend to be someone, at least spell their name right!

If you have any more information regarding the scam, or have been affected by it, please contact Pappzd here.