jazmine jones escort facebook scamA law student from Kent is claiming hackers stole pictures from her Facebook profile and set up other accounts advertising her services as an escort.

The scam is called e-whoring and it’s a pretty cool way to make easy cash, if you have no morals and like pretending to be other people.

Jazmine Jones’ email account was hacked last October by identity thieves, who used it to access her Facebook page, stealing 300 photographs as well as personal information. Like what fan pages she likes and her score on Candy Crush.

jazmine jones escort The hackers set up additional Facebook accounts using her photos, and saying that she was an escort. Which she is not, before you ask. Jazmine believed the scam was so serious that she called the police, who told her not to take it seriously:

When I realised this was happening I went to the police straight away. They told me there was nothing they could do – “Don’t take it seriously, I’m sure it will be fine.” I also told Facebook but each time they close an account a new one opens up. In June it got completely crazy. There were 10 fake Facebook accounts of me.

10 accounts! These hackers have too much time on their hands. The criminals also managed to steal money from other Facebook users by posing as the 23-year-old student and asking for cash because she was in trouble. Jones added:

It’s basically identity theft – not only this, but these accounts have been messaging guys on Facebook asking them to borrow money and saying I’m an escort to get money.

jazmine jones facebook escortJones, from Beckenham in Kent, also mentioned that a man named James, lost £250 after he received a message from one of the fake accounts saying she was stranded in her car and needed money immediately. (Are there really men out there who will give £250 to a picture that asks for help?)

Though the situation started to get serious after the fraudster sent the glamorous student photos of her own driving licence, taken from her hacked emails, and threatened to set up bank accounts in her name.

It’s complete cyber bullying and I’m starting to fear for my safety. I’ve contacted the police and they’ve told me that unless it is a terrorism threat there is nothing they can do about it. I feel let down and unsupported. It seems they won’t do anything unless something really serious happens. I don’t know who this person is and it’s getting to the point that I feel I could get attacked or something.

A spokesman for the Met said the problem should be dealt with by the social media company provider concerned, because the police have much more important things to deal with like rescuing hamsters.

I had a quick search for Jazmine Jones on Facebook and much to my disappointment, found no fake profiles advertising escort services. I even googled ‘Jazmine Jones escort services’. Nothing.

So either the police or Facebook have finally done something about it or I’m just really bad at looking for escorts.