jessie j album leak alive

Jessie J is not a happy bunny. The Wild singer’s album leaked this week and she took to Twitter to tell her followers of her disappointment.

The 25-year-old said that “mystery is disappearing from music”, and blamed social media for making everything so accessible.

Alive is due to be released on September 23, but somehow it’s found its way onto the internet illegally.

Jessie J added:

The mystery in music is slowing disappearing. The big reveals don’t happen anymore, everything is so immediate! Social networking just makes everything so accessible. Such a shame.

Tis a shame. I personally didn’t download the album, because I don’t engage in illegal activities. But my next door neighbour did and it sounds amaze!

In an interview with the Daily Star back in February, Jessie revealed that she was absolutely terrified of her new album leaking online. And said that her parents would be the only ones able to listen to it.

I haven’t played them to anyone. I’m so paranoid the songs will get leaked or my computer hacked that nobody gets to hear them until they’re ready – only mum and dad.

So her parents leaked her album then or…