If anyone was to take a quick scroll through K Koke’s Twitter timeline, then they’d be welcomed by some music promo, talk of living on the streets and his hatred for the police or as he likes to call them “the fedz”.

However, south London rapper Speech Debelle couldn’t ignore K Koke’s tweets and like Megaman last week, she told the rapper that he knew nothing about the real struggles face by people of colour from the police.

Being from north west London and not growing up in the most privileged of situations, Koke questioned just what Speech meant by her statement:


She then went on to explain that Koke’s wanting to be black is what held him back (and not “the fedz”):


Koke then explained that he couldn’t help his behaviour, saying that his upbringing and surrounding made him into who he is today:




Recognising his upbringing, Speech noted that whilst he may “act black” he was still, essentially, white:

Koke then accused Speech of being a racist for… I’m not quite sure why:


A messy topic!

However, clearly unable to settle the matter in an educated way, Koke resorted to boasting about being nominated for a MOBO award, a nomination he was challenged about not too long ago:


I doubt we’ll get anywhere with this one.