Dappy and the mother of his two sons Kaye Vassell caused a storm yesterday on Twitter when he tweeted pictures of him and another girl and she posted accusatory pictures of her apparent bruised face, suggesting they were the result of Dappy’s abuse towards her.

kaye vassell bruise dappy beats

Now, this isn’t the first time that Dappy and his on-off girlfriend have drawn attention to their troublesome relationship through Twitter, but publicly implying that the No Regrets star was somehow the cause of an injury on her face took their argument to a whole new level.

Kaye shortly deleted the pictures and explained why she posted such a thing:



Really?! That’s your excuse? Because you were angry?

Why not express your anger like other spiteful women and key his car, piss in his trainers, burn all his Adidas tracksuits?

Kaye let it also be known that the wound cut extra deep with the fact that the other woman was a “lighty” – woah, so if she was darker skinned it wouldn’t matter as much? – and stated she’d never go back to Dappy again. Ever. (Yeah, right).

Gosh. Someone book them a slot on The Jeremy Kyle Show ASAP.