As a model, Leomie Anderson is no stranger to compliments and she was given one by the girls behind personal shopping website, Miss a la Mode, who expressed a likening for Leomie’s NYFW Hache catwalk show look through their Twitter account:

Wanting to distance herself from the views of Miss a la Mode for whatever reason, founder and owner Omolara Martins decided that she’ll let it be known that in fact she didn’t like the eye make up, prompting Leomie to tell her to get a life:

She followed that saying of Omolara:

Which led to a bitchy response from Omolara, who put down what Leomie does for a living:

*Shocked face*. Get. Her.

Leomie then reminded Omolara, who advises people on their fashion choices for a living, her relevance to Omolara’s entire existence:

Omolara however, took the catty exchange to an evil level with the response: