lethal bizzle crowd dappy crackhead dench tourLethal Bizzle has been a naughty boy. We thought he was taking a break from his feud with former N-Dubz star Dappy, but clearly we thought wrong.

The Go Hard rapper had fans at his Dench Party Uni Tour, screaming abusive chants directed at Dappy on not just one night but two!

The attack started in Sheffield where Bizzle had the crowd screaming “Dappy why you such a crackhead?”

We don’t know why Dappy’s such a crackhead. We don’t even know if he’s actually tried crack before. But the students in Sheffield really wanted to know.

Obviously enjoying hearing a crowd of drunk people insulting Dappy, the 31-year-old star got the crowd at Hush nightclub in Coventry shouting “Dappy your mum needs a facelift”, later on in the week.

Again, I’m no plastic surgeon so I can’t offer advice on whether Dappy’s mum needs a facelift or not. But I can definitely say she doesn’t need a boob job.

dappys mum

Dappy’s mum

But yeah, I think Lethal needs to cool it down a bit with the mum jokes. It’s just mean.