Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse when ‘twerk’ was made as one of the latest Oxford Dictionary entries, Lethal Bizzle has decided to jump on the ‘let’s make made up words have real meaning’ bandwagon with a campaign to get ‘dench’ turned into a proper word with a proper meaning.

Putting his hard earned money into getting billboards up at train stations, Lethal has even gone to the effort to create a Twitter page for the word with the aim to create awareness for it as well as giving some helpful definitions for those who aren’t in the know.

With the bio description “Twerkin’ ain’t werkin’ Let’s get DENCH in the dictionary”, the Dench Twitter page has gained nearly 500 followers since its creation yesterday.

Hmmm… if you’re pushing it as an adjective you probably shouldn’t be capitalising it mid sentence then, that would be a proper noun.

Anyhoo, Judi Dench did famously wear one of Lethal’s branded hats so that might be enough to sway the decision makers. Maybe? Possibly?

I’m not sure if enough people use the word for it to qualify but hey, God likes a trier.