lewis hamilton songwriting nicole scherzingerEven though Nicole Scherzinger has mentioned countless times in recent interviews that she won’t be getting back with her ex-boyfriend Lewis Hamilton, it appears that he is still trying to win her back by song writing.

lewis hamilton songwriting nicole scherzinger relationship

Lewis was pictured on holiday in Italy earlier this month, clutching a guitar. And we have a feeling that he is still writing songs for his ex missus after spending time in the studio in July.

Last month, Lewis dedicated his Hungarian Grand Prix win to the X Factor judge, after admitting he couldn’t keep his mind off her during the race. His admission was followed by some emotional and totally Drake-like tweets in a bid to win her back and make us go “aww”. We didn’t.

lewis hamilton records song for nicole scherzingerLewis obviously hasn’t read Scherzy’s interview in Glamour where she said the pair are most definitely over.

The truth is we are no longer together. It is over. I know he’s been very public about trying to get me back, but we’re still not together.

I think it’s time you put the guitar down mate.