I knew flipping the middle finger was rude and could get you into trouble, but imagine your pockets being $1.5million lighter because of it?

Well that might be what M.I.A could be facing after she made that rude gesture during her performance with Madonna and Nicki Minaj at last year’s NFL half-time performance.

Since the performance, M.I.A has been fighting against the fine, stating that the legal action is “ridiculous” and even wants her fans to help her by sending the big bosses at NFL other examples of players, coaches and the like who have displayed unwholesome behaviour.

So let’s get this clear, M.I.A gives the middle finger and is made to empty her pockets whilst Justin Timberlake “accidentally” exposes Janet Jackson’s boob and is just made to say sorry?

However, NFL state that they are suing M.I.A on the grounds that before the show, she signed a contract ensuring that all elements of her performance were “consistent with goodwill and reputation”.

Unless you’re easily offended – like NFL – you may want to watch the performance to remind yourself why M.I.A is in such deep doo-doo.