WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: A 19-year-old woman was violently assaulted in a nightclub after she refused to dance and talk to a man in a nightclub in Cambridge.


Despite the incident occurring on 20 July, police have recently released the statement of her attacker.


Monique after surgery

Monique Henville was partying with friends at Ballare in Cambridge when the unnamed suspect approached her. When she refused to talk to him, he poured a bottle of champagne over her head. After Monique continued to ignore him, he proceeded to smash the bottle over her face shattering her teeth and jaw, and leaving her in need of reconstructive surgery.

Monique said of the incident:

I had two operations and they had to put a plate in and bolts and a wire for my teeth.

I couldn’t speak and I couldn’t eat for six weeks and I am not being funny but I love my food.

I was lucky there are no permanent scars but I have to have a plate in for the rest of my life. I just want the police to catch him before he does it again. It was so scary.

I don’t go out anymore because of what happened. It is too scary.


Police have released this image of the unidentified suspect

Police are urging for any witnesses to come forward to identify the man.