Despite the officer who shot Mark Duggan claiming to have shot him in self-defence to the jury at the Royal Courts of Justice today, it was revealed that after Mark had been shot there was no firearm on his person or near his body.

Instead, it is reported that a gun wrapped in a sock was found 20 or 30 metres away from the scene of the shooting, with Ashley Underwood QC stating that there was no explanation as to how the gun came to be so far away or if Mark Duggan was carrying it at all.

The armed officer who shot Mark believed that he was armed with a gun supplied to him by Kevin Hutchinson-Foster, and was under the impression that he had wrapped it in a sock in his right hand and was ready to shoot at officers.

The gun that was found at the scene had one bullet in it.

Officers claimed that they stopped Mark with the intent of arresting him, but it escalated when they thought there was a threat.

Mark Duggan was shot twice by police; the first shot was to the chest and the second – which was the fatal shot – was to the chest and punctured one of his main arteries.

The inquest continues.