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The jury at the inquest in the death of Mark Duggan were told that the 29-year-old was on a police database for his connection to Tottenham Man Dem (TMD) – the north London gang of 48 suspected members who were listed as one of Europe’s most violent criminals.


CCTV image of the scene shortly after Mark Duggan’s shooting

The jury also heard that Mark was linked to 10 shootings and two murders through his alliance with TMD. They were also told that Metropolitan Police were investigating claims that Duggan “shot someone in a nightclub” in January 2011 and one month later had “fired shots into a club car park”.


Mark Duggan’s mother Pamela (middle) and friends

One report suggested that Mark had “aggressively confronted” officers and was described as being “violent”.


Mark’s bullet-ridden jacket after he was shot by police

Jurors also heard that Mark had previous convictions for cannabis possession, handling stolen goods and a public disorder caution.

The inquest continues.