Detective Superintendent Mick Foote told the jury at the Mark Duggan inquest that he was “satisfied with the way things went” stating that nothing new was to be learned from the incident.

Acknowledging that the police operation had ended in “tragic circumstances”, Mr Foote said that Mark and his friends had been under surveillance for a number of days and because gangsters lead “chaotic lifestyles” police had to be ready to react spontaneously.

Mr Foote then went on to say that nothing had been gained from the outcome saying, “I have often thought about that and I can’t think of what lessons have to be learned.”

Michael Mansfield QC described the police operation as:

…the result of flawed planning, in which you were involved, which was based on a failure by you and others to properly assess and implement accurate intelligence that was the result of deficient supervision.

It also came to light that Mr Foote misinformed another officer in a phonecall in which he said that Mark had been firing at them, but when asked by Michael Mansfield QC about his comments, Mr Foote said he didn’t recall saying so.

The jury also heard that Mark Duggan had been arrested over murder and attempted murder charges previously but never convicted.

The inquest continues.