Despite actually being the original Sugababes, Mutya Keisha and Siobhan have revealed that they hate it when people call them that and don’t like being associated with the band name.


In an interview with The Observer, Mutya said that her main issue was the word “original”; with Keisha adding, “It makes us feel 150 years old”.

Mutya went on to say that the Sugababes name didn’t mean anything to them because it the music that they make that’s important:

Our music speaks for us. Unfortunately they [the other Sugababes] don’t have our vocals.

Well, fortunately, actually.

Can someone say “ouch”? That was a little bitchy.

In other news, the girls have brought forward the release to their comeback single Flatline, which is now set for a release date of 6 September instead of the originally planned 15 September.