Aww, I like Gabrielle, I really do. But the amount of ‘like’ I have for this woman doesn’t cancel out the dislike I feel for this outfit.

It’s not the complete worst, but what I’m mad at is the jacket. It looks like it’s constricting the Dreams singer and with a peek of a cut-out detail on the bust of her dress, I feel like there’s a very sexy outfit hiding underneath the beige jacket.


I get it, this is the event before the event but this look is way too casual and it’s her comeback! Hardly anyone has seen this woman for years, it was her opportunity to come out in the most banging outfit there ever was made.

(Sorry Gabby.)

Paigey Cakey


OK, we hear you. You’re a rapper, you’re not very girly, your first choice of outfit probably isn’t going to be a floor length gown.


However, looking like you’re making a late night trip to your local off licence isn’t OK either. I feel like there are ways that Paigey could’ve made her look more special but she didn’t even bother.

Let’s hope she makes a bigger effort when it comes to the real event.