Sian Green, 23, who had to get her leg amputated after she injured by a taxi whilst in New York on holiday is set to make her return to the UK, as she has just been released from hospital.

The Leicester fashion student spent a harrowing five weeks at New York’s Bellevue Hospital, where she underwent the amputation surgery and has been recovering since.

During her time at the hospital, Sian has been kept company by her best friend Keshia Warren, who was on holiday with her and present at the time of the crash. Her family have also been at her side at this time.

Sian recently done an interview on the Today Show in America, where she appeared upbeat and positive about her future.

A spokesperson for the family commented that Sian is expected to return to the UK in a few days and is looking forward to returning back to normal.

What an inspirational woman.