kaye vassell bruise dappy picture

A picture has emerged online showing a woman who appears to be the mother of Dappy’s children, Kaye Vassell, with a bruise on her head. The text in the tweet appear to have caused Twitter followers to believe that the bruises were caused by the rapper.

The picture was sent from Kaye’s Twitter account with the caption “@thedappy you scum bag” on 29 September around 12pm.

The tweet was quickly deleted, but not before hundreds of Twitter users saw and commented on another public drama between one of the UK’s most controversial couples.

Dappy sent out a tweet that suggests he had nothing to do with the injuries.

dappy beat his baby mum kaye

dappy beats kaye

A number of other tweets, apparently tweeted from Kaye’s account, now deleted were retweeted by her followers. One tweet said:

Dont make the bad pics come out now dappy. ill show people the REAL YOU.

Another said:

NO woman or man deserves to be a victim of DV. i kept quiet for way too long to protect you dappy. not anymore

Kaye also tweeted that she had been hacked on 28 September. (These two are forever getting hacked!)


And just when we thought it couldn’t get any more messy, Wiley managed to get involved by tweeting support to the former N-Dubz rapper:

Which means… what exactly?

Unless they lost their dad though, right?

We’re not sure what role Wiley plays in their relationship, but he seemed to be the only one confirming Dappy’s involvement.

kaye vassel beaten up by dappy

This isn’t the first time there has been news alleging that Dappy has attacked Kaye. In October 2011 the 26-year-old was arrested on suspicion of assaulting her. Police were called to Kaye’s mother’s house. However, despite being kept in custody for nearly 12 hours, the Tarzan rapper was released without charge.

And in 2010 the pair were involved in another altercation when it was claimed Kaye had attacked Dappy and broken his nose. Dappy was later allegedly taken to hospital but refused to be treated because he ‘didn’t want to look like a wimp’.

dappy kaye beef attack

The drama may have started after Dappy tweeted an intimate picture this week of himself in bed with a lady that we’re not so sure is Kaye.

Dappy and Kaye are notorious for having disputes on Twitter and as entertaining as their public arguments may be, we think this is something that should have been handled privately.